CX Dagger Vessel from Bad Batch Season 3 (Clone Operative ship) a Lego MoC by papaglop


This is the info page for my MoC of the CX Dagger Vessel from season 3 of the Bad Batch.

General information about the build:

Number of pieces: 1 441

Weight: 1.7kg (60oz)

Length: 67.8 cm (26.7in)

Height: 21.8cm (8.6in)

Width: 27.8cm (10.9in)

Average price for all the pieces: 175 CAD / 119EUR / 128USD / 100GBP
(according to Bricklink 
on 2024 May 29th)

General information about the Instructions

Availability for direct order : YES ! Using the same process as with my Razorcrest from 2020.

Via paypal only: - Please use
- Send 15CAD (Canadian Dollars) or more if you can afford it, and if you feel this ship deserves it. - Please just indicate CXDagger in the message and specify the email address you want to receive the instructions at. If no email address is specified, I will use the same address as the one you used on paypal.

You will receive a .zip file containing :
 - Instructions in a PDF file (340+ steps)
 - Part list in CSV and XML formats that can be uploaded to Bricklink to create a Wishlist.
You can also get it on Rebrickable.


Does it have a detailed interior ? - Yes, for the top level, the bottom level is as bare as in the show.

Is it minifigscale ? - According to what we can see in the show it seems to be in the range. However when you look at the Concept art sheet for this ship, it says 44meters... which seems longer than in the show.
- When will the instructions be available :
Preorder is already possible. See above. I'll ship the Instructions as soon as they will be ready in early June.
-Will it be available on Rebrickable ?
Maybe in the future

-Special features ?
 - The rear door opens
 - The cockpit opens and can be removed
 - The landing gears are not retractable
 - The tail can be removed easily for transport

-Lights ?
I don't design specifically for the inclusion of lights, but there is plenty of room to add some in the wings.
If you do add some lights, please send me pictures !

-In terms of size, how does it look compared to other existing ships ?
I will need to take of photos for this :)

Change log:

V1 (Current)

  • Expanded body width to 8 studs (up from 6 in V0) for improved interior space.

  • Upgraded roof design to maximize internal space on the top floor.

  • The roof and tail are easily removable for better accessibility and transport convenience.

  • More accurate opening of rear/belly door.

  • Added 3 landing gears to facilitate door operation (removable but not retractable).

  • The wings are more sturdy and easier to attach.

  • The reactors now have the same shades of red and dark pink as in the show.

  • Added details to the top floor, particularly the cockpit area. (the lower deck doesn't really have anything special)

  • Improved wing tiling for a polished finish.

V0 / Concept

Can be seen in video on my instagram