Papaglop's projects, now on Rebrickable

Hello there !
Here are some news and updates about my current projects :

UCS Razorcrest
I have decided to make my instructions available on Rebrickable !

Mostly to :
- Allow people to see the part list prior to buying
- Allow payment via Credit card (instead of Paypal-only)
- And also to limit the manual work on my side... ;)

If you are lucky enough to have these instructions and want to leave a nice comment about the quality of the build and the plans. Please do ! 

Blurrg ! 
The free instructions are now also on Rebrickable.
Comments are welcome ! ;)

Upcoming project !
This is a way smaller build than my Razorcrest (about 750 pieces)
So far it is going pretty well !
As usual I am going for :

- As Minifig-scale as I can
- As Stud-less as I can
- As detailed and accurate as I can

It will be on Rebrickable in the coming days !

Stay safe, stay home and happy building !