The Mandalorian new ship N-1 Naboo Starfighter

 When I saw what ship was going to replace the Razorcrest, I thought: "It is a small one and it is based on an existing set, there are going be millions of MoCs for it, why bother work on one."
But some friends, colleagues and followers insisted that I try. And I have to admit it is a good looking and interesting ship.

As I was the first to work on a minifigscale Razorcrest, I felt I had to try.

So I started working on it Friday !

- Is it based on an existing official sets ? No
- Is it minifigscale ? Yes, but in the higher tier.
- Is there room for Grogu in it ? Yes
- Is it Modular ? Yes, it makes it easier to work on for me and for the builders.
- Is it UCS ? I don't think a Moc this size deserves the label.
- Will there be instructions ? Most probably
- Is it going to require rare/expensive pieces ? I don't know yet, I am building it in Real Life first instead of starting with stud.io, so I go with what I have in stock.

Next steps:
 - Refine the build
 - Design the step by step instructions
 - have them reviewed by friends
 - make these instructions available on Rebrickable
 - make the build available on Buildamoc

Saturday update !

Here is an early version after a couple of hours :

Saturday update !

I imported it in stud.io and made a whole bunch of improvements.
Here is a rendering

Tuesday update !
It is getting there.
Got some good feedback from my wife and from my friend Gabriel.
 -Added a lot of details
 -Improved the general shape
 -made the structure stronger 
I am ready to do the proper instructions !