Jedi Interceptor eta-2, MOC

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to disassemble my Cool-Cruiser and I ended up with a lot of cool shapes in Yellow.

My older daughter wanted a "Gros tracteur jaune" so I made her this one:

Then, after a while, I wanted something more "Starwarsy", as usual... But Yellow ??... Then it hit me :

Jedi Interceptor eta-2

Of course, there already is an official set for this one... But I wanted to do a MOC based only on pieces that I already own.

Also, I wanted to make it look more muscular and bulky.
The original one seems so slim and fragile. (I know it is supposed to be, because, you know : Jedi = No need for heavy shield and armor.)
But still... I wanted something more "realistic"?...
So after a rainy Sunday, I ended up with this :

and for my friend Sylvain, yes, a R2 unit can fit in the wing, let me climb here to show you: