The Crew of the Anvil.

A Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign enhanced with Lego.

If, like my friends and I, you stand in the center of the Venn Diagram below, you will probably like this page.

(Or hate it… As most fandoms now seem to deal only in absolute.)

About the game

In the Spring of 2018, my friend Martin started to prepare this RPG campaign in the Edge of the Empire era.

The twist is that all the players and NPCs are portrayed with Lego minifigs!

He also built several Lego checkered play boards along with dozens of modular walls and pieces of furniture to create and decorate the scenes as the game goes.

The results have been amazing and we’re having tons of fun.

For some specific encounters, he even builds MoC elements, like this minifig-scale Rancor.

Our team currently consists of :
 - Toolkit : A Rodian hacker and Robot builder
 - Kashyn Vaal : A Togruta smuggler with a growing connection to the Force
 - Kammir : A human Bodyguard as tall, strong and hairy as a wookie
Sometimes it feels we are the Star Wars version of the A-team


After a couple of successful missions together, our characters discussed the possibility of buying their own ship. We rapidly agreed it would be a ILH-KK Citadel-class civilian cruiser. It has plenty of room and has all the options we wanted for a decent price. 
In the Core rulebook of Edge of th Empire, this shuttle looks like this: 

 There are also different versions of it on Wookieepedia

As an AFOL myself, I immediately decided to build a Lego version of this shuttle and make it as minifig-scale as possible. With all the LBG and DBG parts I’ve been stockpiling for a while, I was confident I could do it without any Bricklink order.
After just one week, I had this first version, almost 100 studs long and has a detailed interior on two levels : 

  • a 4 seat cockpit
  • 4 bedrooms (3 individual and one with bunkbeds)
  • 1 medical bay with a bacta tank
  • 1 kitchen/living room
  • 1 fully equipped workshop for our Engineer
  • 2 lateral defense turrets
  • the engine room
  • a small refresh-room
  • a hangar with large side openings

Then I also made a smaller version, just for fun. (and potentially future space fights)

On the very next episode of our campaign, we started searching for a vendor that would have an affordable used ILH-KK. I was lucky enough to roll a Triumph and we found exactly the shuttle we wanted.
We bought it and renamed it the Anvil (as it will contain an extensive workshop) , ingame the team is now working on moding the shuttle, so I started improving my Lego version to make the corresponding changes and also to make it more robust and more detailed. 

But there’s more ! 

My friends just pointed out to me that our shuttle can also carry 2 light fighters.
So this week I started building 2 identical (very)light star-fighters. We will call them Hammer1 and Hammer2.
My 7yo daughter saw the WIP version and said “They kinda look like hammerhead sharks” so I guess I’m in the right direction. I still have to figure out how and where they will attach to the belly of the Anvil. More pics soon !