The Razorcrest ship (from the upcoming show The Mandalorian)

The Mandalorian was the thing I was looking forward the most this year at SWC !

I am really confident they will deliver something fantastic !
And I loved the Razorcrest at first sight.

So, of course, I want to MoC it up. Despite all its weird angles and its not yet obvious colours.

Here is what the first draft looked like. A wobbly proof of concept :

And a couple of hours later, I had something way more sturdy and articulated.
I started to add some details too.


Summer update !

After a lot of trial and error, and a couple of Bricklink orders, here is where I am at :

And also a small video :

Now I need more plates and Curved slopes...

Update  !
So the curved slopes arrived and I finished it at last.
I got a friend to help me with the photoshoot, here is the result :

Update !

Now that we have an 
official trailer  for the Mandalorian !
With good shots of the Razorcrest.
So I updated my MoC accordingly :

November Update
We're now 4 episodes into the first season and I noticed some differences between the first images and the actual ship in the show.

Also, as soon as Chapter 1, we got a full tour of the interior.
So now, of course, I want to do another version with the minifigscale interior...