Beware of scammers

Hello there.

I guess this kind of thing was to be expected... Some random dude from Belgium is stealing my design to sell it as his own.
This thief is called Tiago Lopes and he does the same with the work of other builders like me.

Not only is he selling my work, but I received an example of how he sells it :
 - He basically copy/pasted all my texts and explanations and he modified all the amounts.
  - He asks for more money than I do (25$ instead of 15$.)
  - He lies about the cost of the pieces. ( he says 400$ when I am honest and say that it is now around 600$.)

And when people ask more questions, it seems he just insults them.

And on top of all that, he just wrote to me to brag about it.

Sad sad world…


To order the instructions from me, just send me a quick email at papaglop.moc@gmail.com and you will receive all the info and a sample.