StaCrates - Modular display crates for Star Wars minifigs

As you probably know by now, I love designing minifig-scale Star Wars scenes and ships.
But building large dioramas and full starships is demanding in terms of time, money, and over time it requires more and more space/volume to display.

Time and money:

I have MANY unfinished designs : The Bad Batch's Marauder, Ahsoka's T6 as seen in the show, The Mantis from Fallen Order, The Windfall from Vader Immortal VR game, The Halo from Clone wars and Aftermath books, Slave1 with the rotating interior like in the Mandalorian show.
All these I started and gave up on, because I started with the detailed interior, build around it, and then give up because it becomes too big and too time consuming.
Also, I have older and bigger Mocs for which I never found the time to design the instructions. (Cantina from 2017 / Carbonite Chamber from 2017)
So now I want to focus on smaller, more achievable things for me to design and for people to build.


As a lot of you, I enjoy collecting minifigs and I am fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to my Lego, but I am aware that this is not the case for everyone.
I no longer want to keep them hidden in drawers or displayed on basic shelves or in costly display cases. (Let's say I prefer to buy Lego pieces rather than furniture to showcase them).
Also, I now regularly participate in conventions, and moving bigger Mocs is not always easy.
I wanted to take all this into account.

User feedback:

After more than 10 years looking at Lego builds and showing my designs on Social Media and after 2 years of participating in conventions and exhibitions, I noted some recurring questions :
 - Is it minifigscale ?
 - Does it have an interior ?
 - Does it open to see the interior ?
And I figured : why not focus on just that ?

So, here is my new project :


A series of modular and stackable display crates for minifigs, each representing a specific scene, location and moment of our favorite saga.

This project was born from a conversation with the renowned French YouTuber Pepito SWGoH who, in addition to being an expert in SW Galaxy of Heroes is a big Lego enthusiast and minifig collector.

Each crate is a detailed scene, based on bigger Mocs that I have already designed and refined over time, or some brand new deisgns of iconic scenes. They are all of the same size and can be attached vertically and horizontally to create a full wall.

I already have over a dozen of them in the works and I will post them on my Instagram page as often as possible.

You can arrange them by Planet, by chronological order (timeline or release) , by character journeys, by color. However you like !

You can modify and multiply them, and create your own !
If you share photos online, please use #stacrates and @papaglop in your posts ;)

You can find all the Stacrates here.

Thank you and may the stackable Force be with you.