Papaglop's new lab

Hello there, it has been a while.

I've been far from Social Media, my bricks and Stud.io these last couple of months.

Why you ask ?
Well instead of building with Lego bricks, I was spending all my weekends renovating the basement of my house.

I finally got rid of that old carpeting from the 60s and dismantled this big, decommissioned fireplace.

My wife asked, "What color have you chosen for your Lego room ?
And I replied, mostly LBG and DBG for the walls and the floor is going to be Dark tan tiles.

Things are going well and I started adding some SW details to the decoration, some of them inspired by this glorious Facebook page called SW Room builders

Most of my Lego collection was hidden away during the work, but some sets still received a lot of dust, luckily, my daughter finds it satisfying to dust them with a light brush.

It's not 100% finished, but will it ever be?
I just need to get some details out of my mind and into the room.

Then I will have space mentally and physically to go back to bricking.

Here are some "before" shots:

Fun fact, during all this I found one of my oldest MOCS, from over 10 years ago.
It was this R2D2.
And just today, I received the new one. :)