CX Dagger, from the Bad Batch a Lego MoC by papaglop

 This last season of Bad Batch has its ups and downs, but I enjoy it a lot.

In terms of inspiration for Mocs there have been two ships that caught my attention :

 - Asaj Ventress' new ship,

 - The Clone X ship called CX Dagger.

1/ Asaj Ventress' new ship


I spent a couple of nights working on this one, but it bugs me to have no idea where the door is or what the interior looks like, plus the cockpit has a shape that is pretty complicated.
Fun fact the rear windshield is very similar to the Razorcrest's.

There are only a couple of shots where we can see this ship and it is not enough to recreate a good enough MoC but here is where I am at with it..


2/ The Clone X ship called CX Dagger

For this one, we have a lot of footage of the exterior, some interior shots, AND my favorite thing : a Concept-art board from the Official Star Wars website.

These angles look good !
But it is a pain to recreate...

I hesitated between Black and DBG, bit I went for a mix of both. (the photo is to bright)
There is LOT of work still to be done, but here is a sneak-peek at the reactors.
I am also waiting on a couple of Bricklink orders to be able to continue.

Finished or not, I will bring it at my next exhibit in May. :)
If you're in the Montreal Area, come see me !