Update on my Lego MoC of the CX Dagger from Bad Batch

My wife knows me well, when we watch anything Star Wars, she can tell from my face when my brain goes into "I need to build this out of Lego".

After giving up on a full minifigscale Havoc Marauder, I wasn’t sure I’d find a ship I love from the Bad Batch.

I worked on Asaj Ventress’s ship for a bit in stud.io, but I had limited footage and zero shot of its interior, so I’ll wait for more content.

However, for the CX Dagger, it was love at first sight and I have plenty of footage, from outside and inside and even a concept art page.

So I dived into it. And of course, I wanted it to be as detailed as possible and as minifig-scale as possible. All while keeping it buildable with pieces that are easy to find (I learned from my success with the Razorcrest)

I got some good reviews on Instagram for the V1
And now just finished V1.1 just in time to show it next Weekend at an exhibition near Montreal.

Note : The instructions are not ready yet.
So far designing the instructions for this ship in Stud.io has presented difficulties, particularly due to the wing assembly and attachment process. It's crazy how the wings just satisfyingly clip into place in real life but, stud.io makes it seem impossible.

I don’t know yet if I will just put the instructions on Rebrickable or if I’ll apply the same formula as with my Razorcrest in 2020. I will update the product page next week.